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Molly The Pollywog
by Elizabeth Craft

Pollywogs, box turtles and cardinals are all part of the natural world of the South Carolina low country.

This story about Molly and her companions is a tale of friendship and about accepting yourself as you are and others as they are.

Chet and Tina are cardinals whose striking features, bright colors and ability to fly capture the attention of a dreamy pollywog. Holly the turtle may walk slowly, but she makes up for it with her kind-heartedness. Plus, it is Hollys shell that sparks the imagination and excitement of our protagonist, Molly the pollywog.

About the Author:

Elizabeth Craft lives in rural South Carolina with her two dogs and her two cats. Elizabeth was an outreach librarian and has read to hundreds of children. Currently, she teaches courses in psychology, including cognition and perception. She is fascinated by the many similarities and differences between how humans and other animals think and perceive.

Elizabeth believes that all children are natural scientists and born explorers and their creativity and imagination need to be encouraged.

(2015, Hardcover, 42 pages)



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