A More Perfect Union

A More Perfect Union
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A More Perfect Union
by George M. Roth

Each year the federal government and all states and cities in America create policies and laws that often are counterproductive and not developed with some “common sense.” This book is a definition of who we are and how we became America.

Then—a common sense look at how se can save and recapture the essence of the greatness of America. Some ideas in this book seem extreme, but the tendency in today’s society is to make little changes or to adjust policy just a “little.” The result is that we are degrading in many ways that will continue to make America less for our grandchildren than the America our fathers had to live in.

The author is suggesting that we keep focused on common sense ideas and be active in creating these changes.

About the Author

George was born and raised in Portland Oregon, had five children, and was active in normal parent activities. He was a parent teacher association president, coached little league, and was active in church.

George formed his own company, a manufacturer’s representative group, and was successful for twenty-five years. After selling his company, he worked in several capacities in the electrical and lighting industries.

He was a president of the industry group for reps and is a member emeritus of IES (Illuminating Engineering Society).

Always active in civic affairs, he has had a lifelong habit of questioning the actions of the body political.

(2009, paperback, 132 pages)


A More Perfect Union (e-book)
A More Perfect Union (e-book)

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