Mostly Bear

Mostly Bear
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Mostly Bear
by Robert Sims III

This book is about a bear wanting to become human. He helps his friend find her way back home and teaches her that family is more important than anything else in life.

As they go through a forest of enchantment they help each other see things as they are. They find a friend in each other and know the truth about their hearts. You will see the love that Ivy and Mostly can feel as they talk to their mom and dad and the way they see things after all of it is over. And to see a wish is nothing but a wish without family.

About the Author: Robert Sims III has always had an interest in science fiction and other books. With his vivid imagination he read authors like Jules Verne, Stephen King, and John Carpenter. They opened his mind to where he wanted to go with his own books.

Part of a set of triplets, Robert Sims III was born in 1957 in Greenwood, Mississippi to Robert Sims Sr. and Earlene Sims. Growing up he went to school every day and did his chores and homework. He has always put family first.

(2015, Paperback, 28 pages)


Mostly Bear
Mostly Bear

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