Mountain of Life

Mountain of Life
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Mountain of Life
by Phillip Nkabinde

This book is a valuable resource. It is dedicated to teachers, students, parents, librarians and people who like reading, in particular poetry. The book also highlight and provides guideline to future generations, the youth, on how they should prepare for their tomorrow and have sustainable future.

The message contained in this book is CHANGE BEGINS WITH ME. The verses to the youth are My Life Has Limits, The Early Age, Thief of Time, Your Existence, and others.

This book serves as life coaching and information centre, thus it becomes crucial for everyone to have a copy of the book and not be left out. I do believe that readers will find the book interesting.

About the Author

Phillip Nkabinde was born in Kwaggafontein, Mpumalanga Province, South Africa. He is certified by Professional bodies in the field of Information and Communication Technology, CompTIA ECDL. He is a Computer Specialist with various skills in Computing, Computer Technician Networking Administration, Information Security and Office Specialist. He is pursuing his career in ICT with University of South Africa and other ICT Professional Bodies.

He is employed by University of South Africa in the Department of Tuition and Facilitation of Learning.

Having passion in writing books, Nkabinde invested much of his time compiling verses of poetry, with the purpose of sharing thoughts with the world especially the youth. He believes that the book will play a vital role in teaching grooming and shaping tomorrow leaders, while bringing hope to those who lose hope in life. Message contained in the book cannot be missed by any; it is so vital to all. The story Remove Obstacles and Live a Conducive Life is coming soon.


Mountain of Life E-book

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