Mr. EverReader's Vacation

Mr. EverReader's Vacation
Item# ISBN: 978-0-8059-9398-1

by Len Walker

Mr. EverReader, a retired reading teacher, decides to take a summer vacation. He really gets a shock when he opens the front door. A cougar cub, Yippy Yap, is on his doorstep. In a note with Yippy, Mrs. Yap asks if Mr. EverReader will take care of zippy Yippy for three months. She is relieved to hear that Mr. EverReader can take Yippy on vacation with him. When time’s up, Mr. EverReader returns Yippy to his parents. At the family reunion, Mr. EverReader asks Mr. and Mrs. Yap if Yippy can visit him on weekends.

Come join in the fun with Mr. EverReader and Yippy as they vacation.


A native of Indiana, Len Walker now lives in northern California with her husband. She earned a master of fine arts degree in illustration from Marywood University in Pennsylvania, where she was honored with an award from the United States Achievement Academy. A certified teacher, she has taught art at all levels from kindergarten to high school to college. She held two solo art exhibitions at the California State Capitol Building.

This is her first children’s book; she is looking forward to doing many more.

(2004, paperback, 76 pages)

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Mr. EverReader's Vacation [E-book edition]
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ISBN: 978-0-8059-9398-1 [E-book]

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