Mr. Glass's Words of Wisdom

Mr. Glass's Words of Wisdom
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Mr. Glass's Words of Wisdom
by Mr. Glass

Does it seem like your life isn’t going the way you want it to? Are you tired of wasting all your time reading those self-help books that never seem to actually help? Then Words of Wisdom is for you. My advice is perfect for almost any situation! Guaranteed to get you laughing and have you forget about your current issues. With a piece of advice for almost any situation, rest assured I have you covered! From fighting, to relationships, career, to financial problems, and from health issues to legal advice, Words of Wisdom has it all, and more! So whip out your wallet, buy my book, and prepare to laugh!

About the Author

You may find yourself asking, “Who on earth is Mr. Glass?” Well my friend, some people say Mr. Glass is a witchdoctor, crime fighter, sorcerer, swashbuckler, Jedi Knight, Five Star Chef, and Heisman Trophy winner, among other things. He has waged wars, battled villains, stopped tornados, saved earth, and most importantly, taken many naps! From a strange land, Mr. Glass is very mysterious! Others claim Mr. Glass is an eighteen-year-old high school senior from Columbus, Ohio named Bryan Vance, who is a member of Groveport Madison’s class of 2009! No one really is quite certain if Mr. Glass is really Bryan Vance or not, but if he is you will find him attending OU in the fall!

(2009, paperback, 32 pages)


Mr. Glass's Words of Wisdom (e-book)
Mr. Glass's Words of Wisdom (e-book)

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