Mud Sock

Mud Sock
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Mud Sock by J. Lennington
Billy Porter was born in the fall of 1923 in the coal-mining town of Rogers, Ohio. The city was called Mud Sock because the streets were always muddy due to the numerous underground springs in the area.

Billy grew up working in the coalmines, sawmills, and on local farms in the area during a time of depression and prohibition. Life was difficult at Billy’s house, especially after his mother left them. Billy and his family find themselves working many jobs just to put food on the table. Billy finds work and love as our great nation declares war on Japan and Germany.

Mud Sock is a true story based on the life of James Clark and his family living in Rogers, Ohio.
About the Author

J. Lennington retired after thirty-eight years of working as a material handler. She grew up in the same area Mud Sock is set in. She is a graduate of Beaver Local High School near East Liverpool, Ohio.

Lennington was raised listening to stories told by her father and grandfathers of days when life was hard and money was scarce. It is the love for listening and telling stories that have prompted her to write stories of her own.

Mud Sock is Lennington’s fourth book and is based on the early life of her father and his family growing up in Rogers, Ohio.

(2013, Paperback, 166 pages)


Mud Sock (eBook)
Mud Sock (eBook)

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