My Collection of Short Stories

My Collection of Short Stories
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My Collection of Short Stories
by Wilder Brounson

My Collection of Short Stories are made up and written by me, Wilder Brounson. The stories created are based on actual events.

The stories written are humorous and a bit vile with some colorful language, mostly from the characters in the stories, but the stories are enjoyable and likeable depending on the reader’s reaction.

While in the process of getting this book published, my first book. Hopefully I could publish “MY COLLECTION OF SHORT STORIES II”; along with working on other stories. Hopefully, I am changing from writing stories as a hobby to writing books.

About the Author:

Wilder Brounson is a Brooklynite, raised in Brooklyn, New York and born in South Carolina in the year of 1964. He lived with his family in Brooklyn urban neighborhoods like Bedford-Stuyvesant, East Flatbush and Brownsville. He was raised in a lower middle-class setting in single parent head-of-household. In 1984, he graduated from James Madison High School in Sheepsheads Bay, Brooklyn. After graduating high school, he attended several business schools and work several job. Today he is employed at private security firm station at New York’s, JFK International Airport where he works several functions involving security.

After reading several books by famous writers and authors, watching movies and influenced by family and friends.

(2016, Paperback, 196 pages)


My Collection of Short Stories (e-book)
My Collection of Short Stories (e-book)

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