My Husband

My Husband
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My Husband
by Amara Okoye

A true wife is the grand access to an indefatigable marriage

This piece gives each reader an awareness of the wisdom inherent in a woman as her exclusive excellence to build her marriage and a discovery of it will unleash the knack for a blissful marriage life.

It is a rare informative with a refreshing insight into the reality of being a true wife as contained in the marriage inventor’s manual. It is a revealing resolve that is not so easy to swallow. The strength of Amara Okoye’s writing allows My Husband to transcend the common practice of love as she pulls each reader into the fabric of her message. She reveals that your spouse will love you and probably hurt you and it will not necessarily be because his love has depreciated. It is through this absolute shift in thinking that we can truly love and be loved. If you are not conversant with the truth, you won’t recognize a lie. This is not a “how-to” but “why-to” book on marriage.

(2011, paperback, 164 pages)

My Husband (PDF ebook)
My Husband (PDF ebook)

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