Names and Destiny

Names and Destiny
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Names and Destiny
by Isaac E. Orogun

Though you may not have been conscious of it, the truth is that your names have been exerting a mysteriously great influence over your life that has either been doing you good or evil. The names of God, men and angels have real spiritual significance. Prophet Isaiah stated this truth clearly when he wrote saying, “I and the children God has given me have symbolic names that reveal the plans of the lord of heaven’s armies for His people: Isaiah means ‘Jehovah will save (His people),’ Shear–Jashub means, ‘A remnant shall return’ and Maher–shalal–hashbaz means ‘your enemies will soon be destroyed.’ Isaiah 8:18 TLB.

This book has therefore been written to enlighten you on the significance of names. After reading through the book, you will understand why names such as ‘white angels’ should be preferable to ‘Red or black devils.’ What more? There shall be new names for all overcomers in eternity to reflect the new plans of God for all His children in the New Jerusalem.

For your reading pleasure, the contents of this book include:

Names of Men Given directly by God
The Names of God’s Prophets
Names and Manifested Character
Names that Express Sorrows
Names of God and His Angels
Change of Names
Manifesting the blessing of good names
New Names in Eternity

(2012, paperback, 66 pages)


Names and Destiny (PDF ebook)
Names and Destiny (PDF ebook)

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Names and Destiny [ePub]
Names and Destiny [ePub]

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Names and Destiny [Kindle Edition]

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