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Obedient is: Christ Jesus, The Son of The Living God.

My prayer is that mankind will come into the revelation knowledge that, obedience is not obeying out of your own strength, but in the everlasting almighty strength of our Father: Jehovah. I pray that the children of God will learn that obedience has its locations and we just canít say everything, go everywhere or associate with everyone. Obedience is an assignment as well as a process and after it has been practiced, it gets easier to become.


It is the will of God that I live holy and obey Him, even when the natural consequences in my life become harsh. If my continence fall and my friends become few, God will not allow my foot to be moved. Therefore in my quest to understand Him and my intensity to be obedient to Him, I will increase largely and I will forever magnify the name: Jehovah.

(2006, paperback, 140 pages)

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