Of Tea and Jellybeans

Of Tea and Jellybeans
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Of Tea and Jellybeans
by J.G. Weller

What do a British penguin, a pink elephant, an inner child, a gnome, a sixteen-year-old dreamer, and a…squirrel-elephant-platypus thing have in common? The adventure of a lifetime!

Join this group of misfit individuals as they journey through a dreamer’s fantasy world. Be amazed as they cross paths with the most bizarre creatures to ever exist. Sail with them as they join a band of pirates. Wonder with them where the walrus went. All this while they are on a mission to the top of Mount Dontclimbit to retrieve a legendary treasure!

About the Author

Hailing himself as Milwaukee’s “unknown legend,” J. G. Weller has been telling stories since as long as he could talk. With a long list of potential careers behind him—astronaut, fireman, doctor, rock star, and pro wrestler—J. G. Weller has pressed on with only one goal in mind: to tell his stories to the world. Taking inspiration from the late, great Dr. Seuss, he wants only to provide the world with good old-fashioned entertainment with fun and nonsense on every page.

(2010, paperback, 98 pages)

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