Out of Bondage: Memoirs of a Sex Addict

Out of Bondage: Memoirs of a Sex Addict
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Out of Bondage: Memoirs of a Sex Addict
by L. J. Schwartz

This book is the story of his journey from childhood through physical, emotional, and sexual abuse; years of sexual addiction; and subsequent recovery in his early forties.

About the Author

L. J. Schwartz resides in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, with his wife and two pugs. He is currently sponsoring other addicts with their recovery. He also created and monitors an internet website for sex addiction: www.recoverymonologue.com

(2009, hardcover, 192 pages)

“In this eye-opening memoir, L.J. Schwartz shines a bright light on one of the darkest corners of the human condition: sex addiction. With stunning clarity and unflinching candor, Schwartz leads the reader on his harrowing personal journey—from a childhood rocked by abuse through years of compulsive sexual behavior and ultimately to a place of peace, resolution, and sobriety. Along the way, he provides a singular perspective on the many facets of addiction and points the way toward treatment and recovery for millions of Americans facing similar afflictions. In this deeply personal and affecting memoir, Schwartz delivers an invaluable contribution to our understanding of addictive behaviors and makes a significant addition to the growing body of literature on addiction medicine. A triumph!”
Nick Tate, Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel


Out of Bondage: Memoirs of a Sex Addict (e-book)
Out of Bondage: Memoirs of a Sex Addict (e-book)

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