Parenting in Today's Society: The Facilitator's Handbook

Parenting in Today's Society: The Facilitator's Handbook
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Parenting in Today's Society: The Facilitator's Handbook
by Dawn Picone, Psy.D., LCSWR with Selina Higgins LCSWR

The facilitator’s manual has been written for anyone interested in facilitating parenting classes and coaching parents using the Parenting in Today’s Society (PITS) program. The PITS model incorporates Parenting in Today’s Society (PITS) core curriculum and a curriculum for Parents of Teens (POTS). An additional curriculum, Parenting for Divorced and Separating Parents (PITS DS) will be forthcoming. The program highlights a psycho-educational model based upon an ecological systems theory. The authors blend western theory with eastern philosophy to provide parents with the important characteristics of Invested Parenting.

You can’t make omelets without eggs.
—Ron Diamond, New York City Housing Authority, 1997

About the Authors

Dr. Dawn holds a doctorate degree in social psychology and a master’s degree in clinical social work. She has worked in the human services field since 1979, within the child welfare services and medical domains. She has worked with the New York City Administration for Children’s Services since 1984 while maintaining a limited private practice. On the personal side, Dr. Dawn is a single parent with three children.

She enjoys being a soccer and basketball mom, playing racquetball, coaching her daughter’s singing, and going on car trips.

Geanine Dawn is Dr. Dawn’s daughter. She has been illustrating for Parenting in Today’s Society since she was six years old. My Super Mom was authored and illustrated by Geanine Dawn when she was six.

Selina Higgins, a licensed clinical social worker, believes that all experiences, no matter how painful, can be used productively to strengthen one’s life and impact positively on others. She has worked in the field of child and family welfare for thirteen years, progressing from frontline caseworker to program administrator. Ms. Higgins, a veteran of the United States Army, has earned an associate in applied science in foodservice management, a bachelor of arts in government, a master of arts in forensic psychology, a master of social work, and a post-graduate certificate in social work administration. She is the daughter of Paula, the single-parent mother of Kendra, and a true believer in the ability to change.

(2010, paperback, 148 pages)


Parenting in Today's Society: The Facilitator's Handbook (PDF ebook)
Parenting in Today's Society: The Facilitator's Handbook (PDF ebook)

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