The Past Is Never Dead

The Past Is Never Dead
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The Past Is Never Dead
by Willard G. Oriol

The Past Is Never Dead is a dramatic work of historical fiction centered in the Balkan country of Bulgaria. Its story is rooted in a true depiction of events that occurred in Bulgaria from 1939 to 1946.

The principals in this tale of the survival of 50,000 Bulgarian Jews in a country allied with Nazi Germany are both real and fictional.

This book unfolds the evolution of a young manís search and discovery of his dormant ethnic and religious identity.

About the Author

Willard G. Oriol spent over five months as a consultant in three Eastern European countries, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Lithuania. He discovered the extraordinary background of his story on a trip to Sofia, Bulgaria in 1997.

Mr. Oriol, a retired Advertising and Public Relations Executive, has written several industrial films, three screenplays and over fifty TV commercials.

(2013, paperback, 242 pages)


The Past Is Never Dead (eBook)
The Past Is Never Dead (eBook)

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