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by Peg Robinson

Pegtales is a book with twelve short stories. These stories are for kids to read and for reading to kids from four to ten years of age. They are exciting stories about animals, birds, fish, horses, and the things that make life fun and adventurous for children.

There is a story about a crow and a bucket of red paint, a toad and a kitten crossing the road, a very scary encounter between a young boy and a shark. There is even a story about a singing snake and a bug band. If you love horses and horseback riding, you’ll love reading about a little girl riding her horse in a horse show. Did she win? Read and find out.

Put Pegtales on your bookshelf for fun and exciting reading again and again.

About the Author

Peg Robinson’s lifetime love of books began when her father read stories to her when she was just a little girl. When asked what she wanted to do when she grew up, she always said “I’m going to write books for kids.”

After a career as an advertising copywriter, Peg married and raised two children.

Peg’s children grew up enjoying an assortment of animals. They included cats, dogs, rabbits, gerbils, hamsters, and a horse named Sam. Living in the country, they were surrounded by all kinds of wildlife, from skunks and raccoons to deer and coyote.

Peg became an avid bird watcher and learned to identify a variety of warblers, woodpeckers, and hawks. Her binoculars are always at hand, even on vacations. This background is the foundation for many of her stories.

Peg loves doing needlepoint and colored pencil drawings. The little drawings throughout her Pegtales are her own artwork done with colored pencils.

Pegtales is the fulfillment of a lifetime’s wish to write a book of stories for children. Read and enjoy.

(2013, hardback, 94 pages)


Pegtales (eBook)
Pegtales (eBook)

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