The Pharisees Among Us

The Pharisees Among Us
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The Pharisees Among Us
by Warnell Roberson

This book echoes the events in our Biblical history that has existed for thousands of years and it also tells the reader who the people were that existed during these historical times. However, what this book does that the Bible does not is describe the culture of the times, the people involved in such cultures and the places where the events that happened and the people involved in such a way as to relate this historical information to todayís geography.

This book will outline the reasons why the Bible has, for many years, separated us by RELIGION, by RACE, and by GENDER. These separations have tested our faith, while, at the same time, we continue to question Godís Grace.

This book examines how Godís powers as practiced by the Pharisees became political power. The author attempts to prove that THE PHARISEES ARE STILL AMONG US. This book will offer the reader the opportunity to change his or her Christian lifestyle by identifying THE PHARISEES AMONG US and then making the decision not to follow their hypocritical ways.

About the Author

Warnell Roberson was born in Dallas, Texas. He retired from Brown and William Tobacco Corporation in 1989 where he rose from the position of sales representative to Kool Marketing Director-West.

Mr. Roberson started writing about three years ago and The Pharisees Among Us is the authorís second book.

Being a lover of history, the Biblical history researched by the author makes his books spiritually compelling, while at the same time, it is this very same research that spiritually reinvigorates his life as a Christian. Mr. Roberson is married to Frances Faye Glenn Roberson and their union has lasted for forty-eight years.

(2013, paperback, 88 pages)


The Pharisees Among Us (eBook)
The Pharisees Among Us (eBook)

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