Player Codes

Player Codes
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Player Codes
by Reginald Shelton

I live in a condo, in the western suburbs of Chicago. I lived in Chicago for two yrs, before I moved to the “Burbs.” I moved to Chicago from Texas. While living in Texas, I obtained my high school diploma from Texas High School. I also obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree from Southern Arkansas University, with a major in Sociology and a minor in Psychology.

This is my debut as a book writer, but this will definitely not be my last book. I have been writing poetry for eleven years. I wrote my first poem my junior year in college. It was published in the school newspaper. It was entitled “Romantica.” I have performed live poetry in several places in Dallas and Chicago. Smooveluva is my poet name. A woman I used to date suggested it to me.

I am currently in a committed relationship, so I had to turn my player’s card in. If my current relationship were to dissolve, I could easily reclaim my player’s card and my position in the game. The codes in the book have been certified, tried and proven. They are codes that I used when I was a player and learned them through trial and error. Some are codes that I learned from other players.

Until my next book…as they say in the poetry clubs in Chicago, “And that’s that piece.” One.

(2012, hardcover, 40 pages)


Player Codes (PDF ebook)
Player Codes (PDF ebook)

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Player Codes [ePub]
Player Codes [ePub]

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Player Codes [Kindle Edition]

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