The Plains World of Elfea

The Plains World of Elfea
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The Plains World of Elfea
by C. A. Kilian

Rogue and Ranger are twin sisters who are shocked to learn they have inherited property from their late grandmother. Built by their great-great-great-great grandfather, Ventura Castle is seven stories of hidden passageways, ancient secrets, and one deadly enemy. The twins begin to feel haunted by the presence that stalks their home, and one day they find a clue to the riddle that is Ventura Castle. Their great-great-great-great grandfather had created seven worlds and with them seven mirrors that were the gateways. Someone seeks to control Ventura and the seven worlds it contains. Can Rogue and Ranger find the Heart of Ventura and stop the stirring shadow?

About the Author

C.A. Kilian was raised in Newcastle NSW in Australia. At 19, she is still living there today, currently with her best friend Jodie; fiancé Louis; two cats, Clutch and Tinkerbell; and two dogs, Cooper and Saphy. As a child, her books helped her thrive, and she hoped a day would come when her work would be loved as much as she loved her collection. The inspirations of Emily Rodda, J.K. Rowling, Carole Wilkinson, Angie Sage, Chris D’Lacey, Philip Pullman, and Christopher Paolini still burn today, bringing the first installment of The Last Castle series, which she began mapping out at the age of 15. Kilian is currently studying to be a midwife at the University of Newcastle.

(2012, paperback, 56 pages)

The Plains World of Elfea (PDF ebook)
The Plains World of Elfea (PDF ebook)

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