Poverty & Religious Crisis in Africa: A Study of Hausa-Fulani Muslim Society

Poverty & Religious Crisis in Africa: A Study of Hausa-Fulani Muslim Society
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Poverty & Religious Crisis in Africa
by Francis Nwaoha

The book takes a look at the African society, which has been stuck in conditions of poverty and crises, against an economic background dominated by the influences of bad leadership, religion and tradition. It pays a particular attention to the Hausa-Fulani Muslim society in Nigeria, examining the interlocking relationship between poverty, religion and crisis in that part of the country, in particular and African society, in general. A reader of this book would in addition to knowing the above issues, gain insightful bits of information on global security risks, importance of science and technology, problems of religion, rise and fall of a superpower, American democracy and foreign affairs and new ideas, such as religionarism, PAW-Diplomacy, demo-fanaticism, demo-extremism etc.

About the Author

Francis Nwaoha is a producer-presenter with Voice of Nigeria, Lagos.

Email- francisatpaw_diplomacy@yahoo.com

(2013, paperback, 106 pages)


Poverty & Religious Crisis in Africa (eBook)
Poverty & Religious Crisis in Africa (eBook)

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