Poetry Reading of Life's Journey and Situations

Poetry Reading of Life's Journey and Situations
Item# ISBN: 978-0-8059-8666-2

by Nancy Brown

Relationships are forged with people without even knowing it. I always thought I was by myself and very much alone in my innermost thoughts.

I found out Iím not. Some thoughts are only to be shared with that ďspecial someone,Ē perhaps a select few to God, who understands our every emotion. There has been an eclipse of the years we have passed; however, if we donít just give up and give in, weíll be here long enough to make this right, to share in some real joy and happiness thatís due us.

We are humankind are due so many good and positive things abound for us. Weíve seen the tragedies, and weíve broken down walls. Maybe we have revealed some very vivid pictures of our minds. Letís not make our differences define who we are. letís be human in this humankind of a world.


I am a summer-fall baby who is learning how to crawl and walk both at the same time. Iím trying to heal old wounds and prevent new ones. There are things Iím learning how to do again, and itís taking longer than usual; however, Iím also getting to know patience and acceptance. But in the midst of patience and acceptance also comes overcoming and because I got a second chance, this exploration is one I hope not to travel alone.

(2007, paperback, 56 pages)

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