Poems to Share: Songs from the Heart

Poems to Share: Songs from the Heart
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Poems to Share: Songs from the Heart
by Lola B. Sawyer

Lola B. Sawyer praises God for answering prayers in “Isn’t God Good.” It looked to be a dark, cloudy day with rainfall coming. Never mind that plans for the day called for a lunchtime outdoor picnic for the Sunday Class. A plea for sunshine was quickly made and that plea was answered. The class enjoyed a beautiful, sunny day and memories were made. Wasn’t that just like our Heavenly Father – and thus “Isn’t God Good” was written to praise Him for His faithfulness in answering prayer.

Each song written has an inspirational message that keeps one praising when answers are so evident.

When recited, “A Tribute to Mother” leaves many heartfelt tears, especially on Mother’s Day, where each mother has a special place here or in a beautiful memory. Thus, Songs from the Heart has been carefully selected as the subtitle.

About the Author:

To this author, Lola B. Sawyer, poetry has always been a simple and beautiful way of expressing herself. Rhyme and rhythm are a beautiful flow of words. Each poem written is a credit to the Heavenly Father who is the maker of all beauty. This thought is foremost as the words flow from her mind.

At age ten, the author was aware she had been given a gift to share and encourage others. As a freshman in high school, her patriotic poem won a school-wide contest. “Give Us Victory” was a plea to the Heavenly Father for His help above all else.

The author hopes this collection of poems will be as refreshing as the first poem written, “Summer Rainstorm,” that speaks of God’s Rainbow, a promise He gave. These are truly “Poems to Share.”

(2015, Paperback, 30 pages)


Poems to Share: Songs from the Heart (e-book)
Poems to Share: Songs from the Heart (e-book)

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