A Prophecy Through Time (Dorrance Publishing)

A Prophecy Through Time
A Prophecy Through Time
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A Prophecy Through Time by W. C. Hart It all began when a man who was on the twilight of his sanity prophesied his bloodline’s future—a life of great prosperity. From a family who fled from the inquisition and religious persecution, every generation’s decision and move, amid their desperate plight, brought them closer to fulfilling the prophecy.

W C Hart masterfully depicts a clan’s struggle to maintain their unpopular values in the midst of the prevailing bigotry and political machinations of the government, the church, and the society through the times each generation lives in, and to somehow, in spite of it all, discover a way to see their family’s prophecy to its conclusion.

About the Author

W C Hart is a graduate of the University of Maryland, in which he majored in Production Management. He also has a Management Information Systems MBA from the University of Baltimore. He has retired after thirty-seven years of service as a VP of Global Information Technology from McCormick & Co. Inc. Mr. Hart is currently an active securities trader and an internet business owner.

(2012, paperback, 434 pages)

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