Quest For Immortality: Seeking the Ultimate Human

Quest For Immortality: Seeking the Ultimate Human
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Quest For Immortality: Seeking the Ultimate Human
by D.M. Yourtee

This story unfolds in a country steeped in terrorist cruelty and merciless killing. Driven to understand the spark of wisdom and hope he sees in a survivor, a visiting doctor travels to a remote African village deep in the forested mountains. There he finds an awe-inspiring teacher, a defender of children and tolerance, and discovers through her words humankind’s, essential, final agenda.

Drawn from a Fulbright's diary, this account is an answer-driven journey into our uncertain but promising future. It is a vital account, offering an unyielding realistic path to achieve human immortality.

About the Author

D. M. Yourtee is a highly respected teacher and scientist. Before retirement he was an honored member of the faculty of the University of Missouri, Kansas City. In addition to the Fulbright, his accomplishments may be found in “Who’s Who in Science and Engineering.” He is a cited author in well over two hundred publications in toxicology.

D. M. Yourtee has a long history of NIH grants and development of many new Ph.D.s through his graduate research program in pharmacology and toxicology. His Medical Mission in Africa concerned tracing the chemical cause of endemic liver cancer in much of the developing world.

(2010, paperback, 348 pages)


Quest For Immortality: Seeking the Ultimate Human (PDF ebook)
Quest For Immortality: Seeking the Ultimate Human (PDF ebook)

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