Ranger Margaret

Ranger Margaret
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Ranger Margaret
by Margaret McPherson

This is Margaret’s account of her life and times as Malcolm—her schooldays, sixties London, a career in military intelligence, two marriages, and fatherhood, constantly having to suppress the confusing and powerful instinct that told her she was meant to be female and attempting to do this by involving herself in ultra-masculine activities. She saw active service on counter-terrorist operations in South Arabia and Northern Ireland, completed the Royal Marines Commando Course, served with the RAF Harrier Force in Germany, and then spent seventeen years in the Royal Army of Oman as an intelligence adviser.

About the Author

Margaret McPherson was born male in England in 1943 and named Malcolm Clive McPherson. As a man, she was married twice and has a thirty-year-old daughter. Aware of her gender identity anomaly from a very early age, she tried to suppress her feminine tendencies and led an outwardly masculine life until freed from responsibilities on retirement, when she went to live in seclusion in rural Bulgaria and changed her name, appearance, and lifestyle to that of a woman.

(2010, paperback, 512 pages)


Ranger Margaret (PDF e-book)
Ranger Margaret (PDF e-book)

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