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"…captures the essence of the Army’s own investigative organization better than any TV show could. The book deals with everything from petty crimes to the murder of the author’s fellow agents in Vietnam. This is an insider view on an organization that has little or no public profile…the book is well written and flows along with story after story about the cases that the CID worked on.

For readers who enjoy a good who-done-it genre of book— this will offer up something of interest. It is well worth reading and it will give a greater insight into what the CID is; until this book, it was always a mystery to me what the CID was all about. I found this book…both educational as well as entertaining. I give this book the MWSA highest rating! A MUST READ BOOK!"

-- MWSA Book Review, 2005 Distinguished Honor Award, Bill McDonald (President of the MWSA)

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