The Root Cellar

The Root Cellar
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The Root Cellar
by C. A. Thomas

When Candace is brutally attacked by her employer’s son she finds that no one in the town will take any action towards bringing him to justice. The reason being: he is white and rich; and she is not. Her family is also fearful and reluctant to help. So she vows to kill him and she hides out in the root cellar as she plots her revenge.

The idea for The Root Cellar came during one of many periods of extemporary daydreams. The first chapter opened up like a giant movie screen and, in the spur of a moment, it became necessary to quickly find a pen and paper. The words were coming so fast in one afternoon, nearly all the main characters had presented themselves. It was time to get out the old typewriter. Yet it was fun for author C. A. Thomas; plotting and planning, talking to herself, taking each characters’ part, repeating each phrase, grimacing in the mirror. The comment that is often lamented about a thing becoming, “a labor of love,” is absolutely understandable. Days went by. And those days turned into weeks. It took two old, run-down typewriters and an out-of-date word processor to eventually finish the original work. Subsequent readings of the completed manuscript led to many changes. Editing of the original got to be quite cumbersome, but The Root Cellar was finally a finished product.

About the Author:

Author C. A. Thomas is a retired, disabled, great-grandmother, a United States Air Force veteran, an ex-member of the Illinois Army National Guard, and one-time office clerk. When a woman of all of these trades starts a project with strong determination, through many family problems and disappointments, she is able to single-handedly manage to start and finish writing her first book. It’s quite an accomplishment and Thomas hopes you will enjoy it.

(2016, Paperback, 152 pages)


The Root Cellar (e-book)
The Root Cellar (e-book)

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