The Sardine Trail

The Sardine Trail
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The Sardine Trail
by Emmett E. Kennedy

The Sardine Trail tells the tale of a trio of young men heading out in search of gold, diamonds and women. The lady would be at the front of the list, but we knew we needed some of the first and second to try for the third. We quit our jobs in the winter of 1954 and headed for Alaska.

She was a territory then, but we didn’t care. That was where the riches were, so it was a win-win event. Things didn’t develop as we’d planned, but a few of the dreams eventually surfaced. The trip and mission proved to be staggering, but we were determined and we hit Alaska after many weeks on the trail. Now, some sixty-odd years later, I choose to recall the tale and put it on paper. Just travel with us and enjoy the ups and downs of the journey.

About the Author:

Emmett E. Kennedy is the product of a small town in southern Alabama. He graduated from Fairhope High School and then enlisted in the Navy. It was his desire to see the world and let the world see him. Both happened and four years later he was discharged and began his search for women and riches. He was blessed with a good woman with whom he had three children that provided more riches than he’d been chasing. They surpassed his wildest dream of love and wonder.

(2017, Paperback, 858 pages)


The Sardine Trail [EBOOK]
The Sardine Trail [EBOOK]

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