Sabbath Rest: A Spiritual Delight

Sabbath Rest: A Spiritual Delight
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Sabbath Rest: A Spiritual Delight
by Charles E. Harris Jr.

Sabbath Rest: A Spiritual Delight is an in-depth study of the Sabbath and its meaning through the eyes of the author, Charles E. Harris Jr. Through reading the Scriptures, Harris has come to the conclusion that the Sabbath is a holy day and must be revered. By reading this Holy Spirit-inspired work, Harris’ meticulous research is as evident as his complete faith in the Lord. Sabbath Rest will help generations to come to remember the Sabbath as the Lord’s Day.

About the Author:

Charles E. Harris Jr. was born in Martinez, California, in 1954. He was raised by God-loving parents and was taught to keep the Sabbath holy. He learned a life lived for the Lord is the best life to live. He hopes Sabbath Rest will reach as many people as possible and lead them to a life of faith.

(2016, Paperback, 44 pages)


Sabbath Rest: A Spiritual Delight (e-book)
Sabbath Rest: A Spiritual Delight (e-book)

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