The Sea of Faith

The Sea of Faith
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The Sea of Faith

by Tammy Andrews

Meet Shanna Somers, the beautiful and spicy heroine from Of Human Misery. Shanna entered into a tumultuous marriage with millionaire Erich Shandon, but found herself entangled in an abusive and chaotic existence. Erich loved grabbing headlines as a famous heir and playboy, however he despised his wife’s never-ending involvement with the paparazzi. The couple inevitably ended their relationship and Shanna finds herself finally free to pursue the love of her life… Joe Stephenson. In The Sea of Faith, Shanna and Joe reunite in Majorca, and finally find the love they have been searching for their entire lives. This book continues the unforgettable story of two people pursuing happiness from opposing directions. The Sea of Faith contains many journeys and choices. But, when two souls come together that are meant to unite… lives come together at last!

The wild adventures of Shanna Somers take you to picturesque landscapes across the globe, bringing the various elements of complex situations encompassing her experiences everywhere she goes.

About the Author

Tammy Andrews was born in Nashville, Tennessee. She is a graduate of Belmont University with a BA in Communication Arts, with minors in Journalism and Latin. She lives in Nashville and enjoys traveling all over the world. She is active in animal rescue work and is a volunteer with several charitable organizations.

Andrews began writing the Of Human Misery saga while traveling as a financial marketing representative. Long layovers and many hours alone in hotels, allowed her vivid imagination to soar. The Sea of Faith is the second novel in the series.

(2013, Paperback, 358 pages)


The Sea of Faith (eBook)
The Sea of Faith (eBook)

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