Seductive Dreams: The Prophecy Begins

Seductive Dreams: The Prophecy Begins
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Seductive Dreams: The Prophecy Begins
by Miss T.

Meet Shonte’. When she was a young child she was plagued with strange dreams and realized she had a psychic power to foresee future events. As Shonte’ grew into a successful and beautiful woman, her dreams started to diminish until she came to an impasse with her husband. Shonte’ loves her husband, but she is left unsatisfied. As Shonte’s insatiable lust continues to mount, her dreams return and start coming true! Shonte’ finds herself in dangerous and sensual situations that she has no power to fight. She goes from one amorous encounter to the next but things turn deadly and Shonte’ must find a way to stop the dreams from continuing before it is too late…

About the Author:

Miss T. was born in Inglewood, California and has been writing from a young age. Although, Miss T. started to write as an outlet from her mother’s drug addiction, she now writes daily and finds strength in her work. Her inspiration for Seductive Dreams stemmed from her own experience in her marriage. She hopes her story “will spice up the bedroom between lovers and give every man and woman gratification just by reading the graphic yet seductive tones.”

Miss T dedicates this novel to her mother, Teni D. Moore (1964-2012): “May my thoughts always start and end with you. You were, and will always be, my inspiration.”

(2015, Paperback, 56 pages)


Seductive Dreams: The Prophecy Begins [EBOOK]
Seductive Dreams: The Prophecy Begins [EBOOK]

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