Seek Ye First The Kingdom of God

Seek Ye First The Kingdom of God
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Seek Ye First The Kingdom of God
by Cynthia Gardner, J.D.

Bishop Cynthia King Bolden Gardner, J.D. is the proud, only daughter, sandwiched between five brothers, the eldest and youngest, James King and James Alvin Bolden, remaining. She was born in Erie, PA. She is the product of the Erie Public schools system, Mercyhurst Preparatory School for Girls, Georgetown University School of Foreign Service (B.S. Humanities in International Affairs) and Georgetown University Law degree. She practiced law for 25 years, 15 in sunny, Sandiego, CA, until an accident forced her to retire.

She loves the Lord God with all of her heart, mind, soul and spirit and is just grateful everyday to be alive! She spends most of her time in fellowship and sweet comunion with the Almighty, followed by three weekly rigorous youth Biblically based encounters (King’s Kids Bootcamps sponsored by the Registry Foundation), sermons t senior nursing homes, worship and the rearing of horses, cows, bulls and German Shepherds, all of which are her babies.

She is the loving, doting aunt to hundreds of current and former Baptist, Missionary Baptist, AME, COGIC and nondenominational church children, 7 neices and nephews, 28 great neices and nephews. She is the Presiding Prelate of the nondenominational Regeneration Christian Fellowship’s Southern Jurisdiction.

Additional books by this author: Kingdom Seed; Accepted in the Beloved; Cakes, Crumbs & Crusts; Seek Ye First the Kingdom; Three C’s for the Seasoned Trial Lawyer at,, www

(2012, paperback, 84 pages)


Seek Ye First The Kingdom of God (PDF ebook)
Seek Ye First The Kingdom of God (PDF ebook)

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Seek Ye First The Kingdom of God [ePub]
Seek Ye First The Kingdom of God [ePub]

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