Shameful Elfin Shadows

Shameful Elfin Shadows
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Shameful Elfin Shadows
by Ditta Sylvester

Earl tries to please Daisy, the mother of his children, while watching over his rebellious little sister, Vinell. When Vinell runs away, she finds a home with kindly “parents” who love and protect her. Tragedy strikes and she is plunged into a world of debauchery and malice.

Vinell eventually leaves Kenville for home. But she is apprehensive about facing the child she abandoned at birth, as well as other members of her family. Even more worrying is a deadly secret she must keep hidden, since it could bring destruction to her and to those she loves.

A cloud descends over Elfin when somebody dies tragically. Vinell blames herself. She becomes even more determined not to let Dennis know that she has fallen in love with him all over again.

About the Author

Ditta Sylvester is a Jamaican school teacher who was born in St. Mary. She was educated at Dinthill Technical High School and Mico Teachers’ College. After teaching for many years in Jamaica, she now lives in Florida.

She began to take her writing seriously, after her first short story was published in 2003. In 2007, she received the “Highly Commended” story award from the C.B.A. The following year, she won another literary award from the Jamaica Cultural Development Corporation. To date, more than thirty of her stories have been published in the Sunday Gleaner and Sunday Observer.

As is evident in much of her work, Ms. Sylvester is a nature lover. Next to writing, she enjoys reading, gardening and watching old movies.

(2010, paperback, 96 pages)

Shameful Elfin Shadows (e-book)
Shameful Elfin Shadows (e-book)

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