Short Fiction Stories

Short Fiction Stories
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Short Fiction Stories
by Francisco Negron-Cadiz

Some of the stories in this book are from books already published under the authorís alias of Frank Norgen. However, they appear here under different titles and have been highly edited for content and grammar.

Most of the places mentioned in the stories are real, but the contents of the stories are the product of the authorís active imagination. This collection of short stories highlights the efficiency of a brief, yet thorough, narrative of regional issues and ideas about unknown worlds.

About the Author:

Francisco Negron-Cadiz was born in Magueyes, a town in the northern outskirts of Ponce, Puerto Rico. He is a US Air Force retiree and a graduate of Florida State University.

Negron-Cadiz has had two books published: Panchito and Other Stories and El Fanguito and Other Stories. Both books were published under his alias of Frank Norgen. He presently resides in Voorhees, New Jersey.

Negron-Cadiz challenges himself to write short stories which include all necessary elements within very few pages. His writing preference is the product of his Air Force career where he learned the art of being brief, but precise.

(2015, Paperback, 106 pages)


Short Fiction Stories (e-book)
Short Fiction Stories (e-book)

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