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by Larry Raymond

Mr. Larry Raymond spent over 30 years working in emergency medical services. Though Mr. Raymond has written all his life, his last position at Rockingham Ambulance in Nashua, NH, gave him opportunity to put his thoughts together and write Simplicity. As a wheel-chair van driver, he had downtime that allowed his mind to wander, and write about what he saw as he sat and waited for patients to complete their appointments.

Mr. Raymond looks at life through rose-colored glasses and tries to find the good in everything and everyone. It took him over ten years to compile the material for Simplicity.

Mr. Raymond loves whatever nature presents, as well as simply observing what people may do as they take their walk through life. Born and raised in a small town in southwestern New Hampshire, Mr. Raymond had the opportunity to observe life in a small town, and to appreciate growing up in the simpler times of the ‘50s and ‘60s.

Humor and a positive attitude are what guides him as he moves into the “golden years.”

(2012, paperback, 66 pages)


Simplicity (PDF ebook)
Simplicity (PDF ebook)

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