Sol Draconis: The Elder Stones

Sol Draconis: The Elder Stones
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Sol Draconis: The Elder Stones
by Duane E. Naulls

A blotched theft leads Damon head first into family matters he does not understand. He seeks vengeance for the thief who killed his grandfather for a worthless stone. But when he inadvertently uses this stoneís unearthly powers on someone he cares for, the consequences devastate his family as a whole.

Now, with both parents missing and his brother kidnapped by a band of mercenaries, Damon must enlist the stone thiefís help in setting things right. For the stone thief is, in fact, the very being Damon mistook for his brotherís imaginary friend.

(2010, paperback, 152 pages)


Sol Draconis: The Elder Stones (PDF e-book)
Sol Draconis: The Elder Stones (PDF e-book)

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