The Song of the Sea Gulls

The Song of the Sea Gulls
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The Song of the Sea Gulls
by Patricia Liles

A beating by husband Mike left Allison Murdock near death. She survived and now, as Amie Dupler, she’s in the witness protection program with Chet Phillips as her FBI agent. She has attended her own funeral and had reconstructive surgery that forever changes her to Amie. The new identity is to protect her from Mike who is searching for her to finish the job.

Bravely forging ahead, Amie relocates to the coast of northern California to start a bed and breakfast inn. There is Levi Carlson, antiques dealer and vintner who helps with furnishings; Jerald Courtney who takes a mysterious place in her life as he comes up out of the sea to encounter her; and Jim and Bess, her managers, help her recover from vandalism.

Then Amie, in fear for her life, makes a treacherous midnight swim. When all is over, what then?

About the Author:

Author Patricia R. Liles lives in Oregon. She majored in Journalism and Creative Writing in school and has spent many years writing articles, editing, and writing over 80 short stories. She is an artist in watercolor and oils and enjoys events with her family.

(2015, Paperback, 186 pages)


The Song of the Sea Gulls [EBOOK]
The Song of the Sea Gulls [EBOOK]

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