Special Needz

Special Needz
Item# 978-0-8059-9011-9

by Jude Greer

Cath Grayson is a spirited zephyr of the 1960s. She tries to understand and cope with the mixed feelings she has for her younger brother, Seth, and their older, mildly retarded sister, Bella. Bella's behavior is sometimes outrageous and perplexing. Cath's love-hate relationship with Bella is filled with frustration, sorrow and, sometimes, intense anger.

The death of her childhood sweetheart, Ernie, gunned down in the rice fields of Da Nang, only adds to the edginess of a family living with a passionate, unpredictable, and wide-open member.

Nora, Cath's spunky grandmother, brings her hard-working, 1920s ethics as a touchstone for the Grayson family. Left by her burly husband, Beef, to run their large vegetable farm, Nora daringly enters her golden years with the support of the mysteriously dark, claw-handed Stig Nord. Rae and Jack of Diamonds, her slightly shady pals, along with an acidic healer named Ob, lend a spicy flavor to the story. Of course, we can't forget the rhubarb pie!

Special Needz is a tale of generational relationships - how one's past influences the present and how they, inadvertently, become bittersweet partners and even friends.


I'll See You Sometime was Jude Greer's first novel. A native of Youngstown, Ohio, she has worked in the handicapped community for several years. Life is mystical, like love and spinning tales. She hopes the reader enjoys Special Needz as much as she enjoyed writing it.

(2006, paperback, 190 pages)

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