Spiritual Gifts

Spiritual Gifts
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Spiritual Gifts
Dr. L’lewellyn C. Felton, Thd, PhD

This book was designed to empower the Art of Therapy and counseling. Through spiritual motivation we have established the need to break several of generational curse by word of knowledge. According to the medical science psychotherapy is one of the greatest answers for Depression Anxiety, and stress. In the Christian world we know that prayer changes things. Counseling changes minds.

L’lewellyn Cardinal Felton was born in Washington DC in 1951. He attended his membership at birth at The Way of The Cross Church of Christ under Bishop Henry C. Brooks.

His education includes Phelps Vocational High school, and the Institute of Modern Procedures, where he acquired his associate degree in Graphic Art Offset and management training. In 1985 he received his bachelors degree in Divinity and became involved in substance abuse and continued on to become a drug counselor. He currently holds a license of Substance abuse specialist under the American Academy, Cambridge Massachusetts.

He was previously the director of the Holy Temple Church of Christ’s Foreign Mission, Prison and Outreach ministry under guidance of the honorable Bishop Joseph Weathers. Elder Felton was ordained in the year 2001 as a senior elder.

(2010, paperback, 118 pages)


Spiritual Gifts (PDF ebook)
Spiritual Gifts (PDF ebook)

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