The Strange Stories of Nigerian Police

The Strange Stories of Nigerian Police
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The Strange Stories of Nigerian Police
by Onyekachi Nwokeukwu

The Strange Stories of Nigerian Police is a historical account of suburban Nigerian youths who deviated from rural lifestyle and academic goals in the pursuit for adventurous passion for materials. It led to their massive sojourn in droves to major cities where nearly all the jobs available were domestic services for the colonialist. In the end, those lofty aspirations were dashed as a result of indescribable circumstances that compelled their extemporaneous return where some found themselves and their destinies ensconced in the cruel hands of mischievous, atrocious, and surreptitious Nigerian police of whom the author is a victim.

About the Author

I, Onyekachi I. Nwokeukwu, was born in Amaoba Ime Oboro in Ikwuano, LGA, Abia State, Nigeria. I have been offered a place for Higher studies in Great Britain. It would be a catastrophic failure if I fail to uncover the inadequacies many others and I passed through in Africa’s most populous nation in the hands of the police, whom many are afraid to report, owing to fear of extra judicial bullets. The insecurity of life and property. A country crime is legalized, the life of citizenry in jeopardy. A nation where there is buyer for anything one wishes to sell, including the seller.

You wonder how people are brutally murdered; lifeless bodies riddled by bullets are thrown away and many more unaccounted. A country full of ramshackle and hunger written all over the faces of her people in spite of her abundant resources. The rein of fear and corruption orchestrated by the police under the collaboration of successive. Governments that human rights activists and judiciary have failed in bringing at bay. A country that has lost her self-identity to corruption. This I have done my best to bring to the notice of the world.

(2010, paperback, 262 pages)


The Strange Stories of Nigerian Police (PDF ebook)
The Strange Stories of Nigerian Police (PDF ebook)

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The Strange Stories of Nigerian Police [E-Pub Version]
The Strange Stories of Nigerian Police [E-Pub Version]

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