Sunday Morning Words of Inspiration

Sunday Morning Words of Inspiration
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Sunday Morning Words of Inspiration
by Starr Olivia Neal

The author found herself operating at a new level in her spiritual life after taking over the job of writing short articles of encouragement for the churchís bi-weekly bulletin. Until that opportunity presented itself, the author wasnít aware of her talent for writing in such a way. However, she knew that she had been blessed with a gift to encourage people.

The more this author wrote, the more she was blessed to receive revelation knowledge from God about what His people needed to hear. His message needed to be delivered, and she was being used as the messenger in a real-time way. This book contains encouraging words, thoughts to ponder, and instructions for living. It also offers the reader exposure to a deeper knowledge of Godís workings in our lives.

Overall, the words in this book were written so that those who choose to do so will be convinced and convicted in their hearts to accept the invitation of Salvation that is extended to everyone by Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

About the Author

Starr Olivia Neal was born in Detroit, Michigan on May 16, 1947. For the past forty years, she has been married to Isaac Neal, who is the pastor of Logos Christian Fellowship Church in San Jose, California. She is the mother of three adult children and two grandchildren. Along with being a mother, grandmother, and pastorís wife, Starr is also a full-time employee at a large Silicon Valley company in San Jose, California.

Starrís writing ability extends to songwriting and poetry. She has composed numerous poems that refer to spiritual matters as well as the uplifting and encouragement of women. She has written numerous Christian songs and recorded one of them. She has published one CD on which the title song is ďBe My Friend.Ē Starr didnít really begin to use her writing talents until she started writing songs. Starr enjoys living life and taking advantage of every opportunity that God has provided for her.

(2009, paperback, 42 pages)


Sunday Morning Words of Inspiration (e-book)
Sunday Morning Words of Inspiration (e-book)

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