Sun Rise Sun Set: New Dawn

Sun Rise Sun Set: New Dawn
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Sun Rise Sun Set: New Dawn
by JK Griffin

“Riveting with action, romance, and drama”

Sean Kelly is the epitome of a soldier. Finding fortune with adventure in the Southern Plateau of Africa, he creates a “Dynasty.” Establishing a developmental company, G Enterprise, with multiple dimensions, Sean takes you on a powerful spellbinding adventure as tranny defies his fortune. “Egotastic experience,” in thought he finds true love rewards heading up conglomerates.

Sean’s industry soars to the top, family matter with drama unfolds the lifestyles of his fame. Forced to defend his fortune, he must confront relentless pursuit by terrorist activities.

The fast paced action fascinates with continued compelling qualities as Sean finds out his fortune put him to an ultimate test and his life may be the collateral damage of his fortune.

About the Author

Author JK Griffin’s first book Sun Rise Sun Set: New Dawn is his castoff into fiction. The upstate New Yorker now resides in the greater Atlanta, Georgia region. Being enlisted in the United States Navy brought about world travel.

Griffin hopes you enjoy his first published book and asks that you stay tuned as The Sun Rise Sun Set saga unfolds.

(2014, Paperback, 222 pages)


Sun Rise Sun Set: New Dawn (eBook)
Sun Rise Sun Set: New Dawn (eBook)

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