The Texas Mobstress

The Texas Mobstress
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Texas Mobstress
by Lloyd R. Murray

Throughout Texas history women have always played an up-front intricate role, legal and illegal, in every aspect of the state’s development. From Sea Captains to Brokers of the commodities they carried, from carriage-driven housewives to horse-riding gunslingers, from ministers to mobsters (just to name a few), women have been present through history.

In 1952, Sharon LaNette Comeaux was born to a prostitute mother and raised in the ghetto to become an underworld power figure by the age of twenty-two. She started, financed from the pockets of her mother’s dates, her first bootlegging and fencing stolen merchandise operation, which also led to the disposal of her first enemy and provided her with more money to expand her operation. This operation became an empire: accepted, respected, and protected by the mob of which she earned the title “The Texas Mobstress.”

About the Author

Lloyd R. Murray is a Texas-born Creole, (a.k.a. coon-ass of French, African, and Spanish decent). Mr. Murray was encouraged to become a writer by many past college professors and instructors he studied under during his tenure as a “professional student” for twenty-five years at college across the state of Texas. These colleges included Bishop College (in the 1970’s), Blinn and Texarkana Colleges (in the 1980’s) and Bee County and Trinity Valley Colleges (in the 1990’s). Mr. Murray enjoys thoroughbred horse racing and Cajun cuisines.

(2010, paperback, 200 pages)


The Texas Mobstress (PDF ebook)
The Texas Mobstress (PDF ebook)

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