Thoughts Along the Way

Thoughts Along the Way
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Thoughts Along the Way
by Ronald McKnight

Thoughts Along the Way includes poems from author Ronald McKnight’s point of view. He is one that sees beneath what is on the surface of items when looking at them. This you will notice as you read his different poems. Some people can look at a tree and see a tree. Others can look at the same tree and see its color, its height, and what it is useful for.

When you read McKnight’s poems you will see more than what is on the surface. When he writes a poem, he sees laughter, sadness, and longs to see a better tomorrow than today. He hopes others will see what he sees and share it with others.

About the Author:

Author Ronald McKnight was raised up on a cotton/cattle farm in North East Texas, along with the oil fields. Many nights he spent on a lake or in the woods, camping out with friends. In his life-long journey through many occupations, he made many things, and had to see more than what was on the surface to make it correctly.

McKnight is also a Vietnam veteran and has done some traveling, along with some college classes along the way. So as you read his poems, he hopes you will pay more attention to the poem than the author and share it with others.

(2016, Paperback, 126 pages)


Thoughts Along the Way (e-book)
Thoughts Along the Way (e-book)

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