Three Thousand Nights of Terror

Three Thousand Nights of Terror
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Three Thousand Nights of Terror
by Edward B. Rugumayo

This is a historical novel set in Uganda during the dictatorial rule of General Idi Amin, which lasted three thousand nights. It is about a group of Ugandans of diverse backgrounds who organise to subvert the regime’s terror machine. You will experience risky missions and narrow escapes many of the characters undertake, the clammy fingers of the dreaded regime’s Public Protection Unit and State Research Bureau, and the smell of war and death.

Amidst all this terror, there are lighter moments when humanity reasserts itself to heal broken hearts, save lives, and even marry in the middle of gunfire.

About the Author

Prof. Edward B. Rugumayo is a Ugandan born in Mwenge, western Uganda. He is passionate about the possibility of creating caring sustainable societies built on the achievements of scientific and technological advances and globalisation. He is a teacher by profession, a scientist by training, and a politician by conjunctures of events. He has served as cabinet minister and speaker of parliament and ambassador, has travelled widely, taught at universities, written a couple of books and many peer reviewed papers, and lived abroad, but believes home is best. He reads fiction and likes music, creative minds, and young people. He is married to Foibe. They have five children and lively grandchildren, and they live in retirement in Fort Portal, Tooro Kingdom.

(2011, paperback, 496 pages)


Three Thousand Nights of Terror (PDF ebook)
Three Thousand Nights of Terror (PDF ebook)

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Three Thousand Nights of Terror (Kindle Edition)
Three Thousand Nights of Terror (ePub)
Three Thousand Nights of Terror (ePub)

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