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by Juanita D. Spencer

Tracts recounts the author Juanita D. Spencerís travels across the United States on a sixty-day Greyhound Ameripass, through which she listens, learns, loves, and lives. Tracts is all about love. According to Ms. Spencer, love is righteousness in action, and that action comes from the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ, our Savior. He saved us from sin and gave us salvation and eternal life. We are the receivers of his blessings. Ms. Spencer encourages each of us to believe and live for Christ, lest we turn to evil and burn in Hell. Study Godís Word. Ms. Spencer believes that Jesus lives; and each of us can learn to live too, if only we choose to trust in Him.


Originally from Camden, New Jersey, Juanita D. Spencer is a graduate of Camden High School and Beaumont Nursing School. Her studies have also led to the Philadelphia School of Printing and Advertising, the Stenotype Institute, Lincoln Prep, the Tri-City Barber School, and Philadelphia Community College. She is now retired.

Ms. Spencer loves the Lord, people, and her country. She enjoys traveling, swimming, cycling, walking, gardening, singing, playing chess, riding her scooter, and having a good laugh. Her many travels have taken her throughout the world to places such as South America, the Virgin Islands, the West Indies, the North Pole, the Holy Lands, Africa, Mexico, India, Europe, Japan, the Suez Canal, Madagascar, Thailand, Singapore, and many more. She has learned that we live in a beautiful world.

(2005, paperback, 80 pages)

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ISBN: 978-0-8059-9946-4 [E-book]

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