Truly Free Indeed

Truly Free Indeed
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Truly Free Indeed
by Chandra Calton

Family man, John Parson, is just about the happiest husband and father in the world! Everything any sane man wishes for, he has. Hannahís the dream girl heís always wanted. She is beautiful, smart, and one of a kind. His children are awesome toddlers with a real zest for life.

The antique house that John inherited from his late Grandma Nona is such a special gift, yet it harbors many dark secrets.

Accepting the job promotion of a manager in a soul food restaurant momentarily takes Johnís mind off his troubling past. When an awful mistake causes his marriage to hit the skids, John finds himself searching yesteryear to find today. Through this challenging struggle itís revealed that thereís strength in some of the strangest places.

About the Author

Chandra Calton is a native of Georgia. Sheís a parent of two teenagers. Chandra faithfully serves on the Youth Advisory Council at Washington Street Presbyterian Church. This committee is a group of supportive spiritual leaders that mentor the youth ministry and allows them the opportunity to showcase talent, while freely sharing Godís message.

Chandraís hobbies include photography, traveling, mediation, hiking, bike riding, jogging, and nature walking. Since literature is a lifelong passion, she hopes someday to take it a step further and write full-time.

(2012, hardcover, 136 pages)


Truly Free Indeed (PDF ebook)
Truly Free Indeed (PDF ebook)

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