Twink the Fairy

Twink the Fairy
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Twink the Fairy
by Sandra Perry

In several of these short stories, Twink helps out her friends. She helps Mrs. Caterpillar by gathering nectar for her hungry children and helps a little frog find his way home. In “Twink the fairy and the lost ring,” Twink finds a young girl’s missing ring. While walking with her friend Eric the elf, Twink hears a young girl crying. Twink asks the birds to look for the girl’s ring. A little sparrow finds it and returns it to the girl. Twink thanks him and invites him home for tea.

In “The Moonlight Ball,” everyone prepares for a ball. The spiders decorate with webs, the birds deliver invitations, and Twink asks the fireflies to glow and provide light. The ball is a success: “At last all was finally ready and the little fairy musicians began to play in the bright moonlight under the shining stars. The beautiful little fairies in their silken gowns danced and danced until they had worn out their dainty little slippers. Everyone enjoyed the Moonlight Ball and danced till the sun came up.”

Sandra Perry’s imaginative characters include Twink, as well as a talking rainbow, a beautiful Fairy Queen, and the shy but friendly Eric. They have fun, but they also help each other as good friends should. This book might appeal to a young reader who enjoys stories about fairies and other fantasy creatures.

About the Author

I have always loved fairies. I think everyone needs a little magic in their lives. Twink appeared to me and demanded to be written.

I was born in a small town in Victoria and grew up in nearby Moe. I worked as a carer in aged care and with handicapped children for many years before moving to Queensland. My husband, David, encouraged me to bring Twink and her friends to print. I have two adult children and a three-year-old granddaughter.

I dedicate this book to my father, who always said there was a good fairy, and to my family and my granddaughter, Isidora. I still continue to work in a Queensland nursing home as a nursing assistant.

(2009, paperback, 30 pages)


Twink the Fairy (e-book)
Twink the Fairy (e-book)

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