Twenty-Three Pages

Twenty-Three Pages
Item# ISBN: 978-0-8059-9948-8

by Barbara Clark

Personal icons appear in many forms, just like enemies. Without them, life would be boring. We watch what they do, how they end up. Sometimes they impact our lives and make us think.

Little did freshman college student Carol Andrews know, since the first day she walked into his classroom, the math teacher she hated would change her life forever. She, the clown, and he, the dictator, butted heads until one magical day she faced a Red Sea. Confrontations ended twenty-three months later, but things turned out a way she never expected.


Writer Barbara Clark’s goal is to develop adventures of the human spirit, to show how challenges, difficulties, and joys can encourage and enlighten those who have secret potential for change. A prolific, imaginative woman, Clark is a two-time cancer survivor who writes with purpose. Her stories not only reach a satisfactory end, but along the way, her characters face surprising, unique challenges. Journeys, out of conflict or light intrigue, romance or comedy, joy or sorrow, leave the reader with the conclusion: life is good if you make it that way.

(2006, paperback, 484 pages)

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Reader Review
A striking novel of confrontation, ideals and change makes for evocative and smooth reading and will enhance any public library fiction collection.

- - The Midwest Book Review, March 2007

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