Villainy and Vex in L. A.

Villainy and Vex in L. A.
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Villainy and Vex in L. A.
by Darrell McNair

A Novella which is one part - the first part - told of this triple sectioned book, Audrey and Jes, two young women in their twenties, thought that their move to Los Angeles from the club nightlife and concert scene in Chicago would be a thrill and reversibly pleasant obligation to a secret life they both were truly aware of and slightly know as opaque and cloaked. Incidental to this or, thus, to come by accident, because of who they are connected to as rumored ‘extra deviated’ paranormals or so-called “metanormals,” along with their friends, they latch on to more than they anticipated - ever in their wildest senses. Metanormals, of differing strains of birth yet discovered and of certain inclination to personifications of super-villainy or superheroism, have made their way. First and foremost, it is super-villainy manifest in a great web of secrecy, individual figurehoods personified, networks, planned action in the darkness of subterfuge and waning heroism through catalytic discommission and rebuff that superheroically is the call to Jes and Audrey and other superheroic beings.

Secondly, in as a smooth transition of template-attachment and stage and opening rule world for the novella itself, the next part of the book fantasy superhero role-playing game both running tandem to the theatre of reality of abilities and powers and attributes to the other two parts of the book and taking you from one experience to another place that is the zone of reality that is the culture and world aspect of superheroes and supervillians.

Lastly, the third and final part of the book is a short story that recounts from without and implored the living world and global situation journeying into a spiraling events run through and into and about characters profiled and actualized thoroughfare to a macroverse stemming from fantasy role-playing and near-integral to the first-off novella and what happens afterwards.

About the Author

Darrell lives and resides in Collins, Ms., U.S.A. He enjoys pop culture, philosophy, trail walking and travel. Now today he continues to write.

(2011, hardcover, 154 pages)


Villainy and Vex in L. A. (PDF ebook)
Villainy and Vex in L. A. (PDF ebook)

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Villainy and Vex in L. A. [E-Pub Version]
Villainy and Vex in L. A. [E-Pub Version]

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Villainy and Vex in L. A. [Google Edition]

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